Eino is an internationally acclaimed Finnish-American sculptor. He has carved hundreds of stone sculptures and created numerous bronze works for public and private collections. Being in his presence, one has met a man who thinks deeply, and cares passionately, for the earth and her children. Eino's art has been influenced greatly by the philosophers Ghandi, Lin Yutang and Goethe. In exploring their writings, Eino has come to understand the significance of becoming more conscious and purposeful; this is reflected in the clarity of the themes portrayed through his art. Archipenko and Henry Moore were two sculptors who greatly inspired Eino...their work gave validity to Eino's urge to move beyond traditional expressions in sculpture, and to create an entirely new genre that he calls "modern classics." When one encounters a sculpture by Eino, one is inspired to think deeply, love fully and live abundantly.

  Let there be light....

Eino's latest body of work incorporates LED lighting to

illuminate the interior cavity - photos will be posted soon!

Latest Works

Eino's sculpture Quantum Movement
Eino's ode to the laws of science rises out of the desert
Just Finished

Wind Flower

Kinetic  Stone Sculpture

(video courtesy of

George Trimmer)

Recently Installed

Tree of Life stone sculpture
A collaboration with Hearts of Austin


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Origami Series
Vitalistic Series
Space Series
Water Sculpture